Acrylic (Hard) courts


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Acrylic coated tennis court surfaces are popular for indoor usage. They are suited to all levels of coaching and training and are used at many tournament venues around the world.

An acrylic surfaced tennis court is basically an application of multiple layers of acrylic material (e.g. resin, paint, etc) on a base surface, commonly concrete or asphalt. There is a wide selection of proprietary acrylic surface systems available. In very basic terms an acrylic surface comprises of applying an initial (filler) coat(s) to the base surface then applying the final coloured coats. The composition and application method of the acrylic material have a direct influence on the playing characteristics of the court.

The exact performance of the proprietary acrylic surfaces differ slightly from product to product, and the subsequent usage of the surface, but they can generally be described as being medium-paced with an extremely true ball bounce of medium height.

All court surfaces including acrylics require maintenance, which is of vital importance if the surface is to be aesthetically pleasing, consistent in play and long lasting. The single most important factor in prolonging the useful life of a tennis court surface is keeping them clean.

Court owners need to be aware that acrylic surfaces, as with any surface, do not last forever. They need to make provision for the future expenses including the ultimate re-coating of their surface.

hard courts PERFORMANCE

Acrylic tennis surfacing system is a proven product with a long standing and deservedly high reputation based on the excellence of its playing characteristics.

Acrylic courts provide an outstanding tennis surface for tournaments and training.

The surface takes spin and slice and provides an extremely consistent, medium

pace of play, ideal for developing an “all court” game. Hyland Sports Acrylic surfaces

are exceptionally hard wearing and are very easy to ‘resurface’ when the time comes making it a sound and cost effective investment over its life span.

High Performance Acrylic Sports Surface System

Hyland Sports Surfaces system is a fortified acrylic, multi-layer sports surface coating formulated to enhance court playing characteristics, traction and player comfort whilst delivering long term surface stability, colour retention and extended court life.

BRITANNIA (high quality water-based Acrylic coating for macadam tennis courts and netball courts. Tough and long lasting with slip resistant properties.Contains algicide and fungicide)

Our Surface is installed over suitably prepared new or existing concrete or asphalt base construction offering a range of specialised court systems tailored to specific sports and surface dynamics.


Formulated to give minimum slip on macadam andconcrete tennis courts.> For airless spray application.Do not use on quartz or gravel containing macadams dueto poor binder adhesion. Power floated concrete areas aswell as chemically or mechanically hardened floors maynot be suitable for coating.

Hard Court Colour CombinationCOLOUR RANGE

Available in Spring Green, Forest Green, Light Holly,Summer Red, Terracotta, Blue & Black. Other colours to special order.


Drying takes from 1-2 hours in good conditions. We avoid painting in high humidity or when rain is expected. Over coating may be undertaken when first coat is dry to touch. Curing depends on atmospheric conditions.

One of your first decisions when choosing the right tennis court for you is which surface will work best for your family or club. Below we have outlined several of the surface advantages of both the synthetic grass surface and also the acrylic or hard court surface.

We also provide maintenance for all your tennis court services.

Synthetic Grass

  • Surface Life expectancy up to 15 years.
  • Feels and looks like natural grass.
  • Available in ‘Rust’ to look like clay.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Reduced body stress and strain.
  • Allows ‘slide’ to the ball.
  • Little abrasion on shoes and balls.
  • Cooler to play on.
  • Covers minor base imperfections.

Acrylic Surface (‘Hard’ Court)

  • Surface Life expectancy 5-7 years depending on usage
  • Textured surface – sure footing
  • Requires limited maintenance
  • Variable colour range
  • Very even, true bounce
  • Fast drying after rain